Gifts ideas for Father’s Day


Maybe Dad’s a collector, with a cellar full of vintage Champagne and Cabernet Sauvignon. Or, perhaps he’s a lover of the simpler things—his favorite kind of wine is “red” and he drinks a few glasses every night. Regardless, these are the gifts he needs for Father’s Day.

Father’s Day Gifts For The Beer Lover

Your dad might be a connoisseur of craft beers, relish his real ales, or like his lager. Whatever he prefers, we’ve got Father’s Day gifts for Dad’s who are beer lovers, so if you are looking for beer themed present ideas to keep your Father happy on his special day we have got you covered.

Real Ale gift sets for Father’s Day

If you’re looking for a wide range of real ales as a gift set this Father’s Day, then browse our BOE Hong Kong Ale Product. We have Badger, Theakston, Sambrooks or Wells ,this selection of beers and ales makes a great present for your dad this Father’s Day. If your dad enjoys his real ales and craft beers, and also wants to try something new, this idea is a great present to get to wish him a happy Father’s Day.

Bottled Cider or Ready to Drink Cocktails gifts for Father’s Day

Should the father be a fan of cider or some fruity drinks, then why not look at getting him Cider for this Father’s Day. With bottles of Brothers or Alska Cider, or a can of All shook up collections plus a range of snacks carefully curated to pair the cider, such as crisps, olives, smoked cheddar cheese and more, this will make an ideal gift for Father’s Day for the dad who enjoys a nice couple of cold cans of cider during the Summer months.

Personalized beer and ale gift sets

For a more personal touch with his beer gift set, there’s always the option to combine it with something else and get your Dad a choice of his favorites .If your Dad has a different type, we have a wide selection of wines and spirits, If your dad is a discerning type, then we’ve started with a bottle of fine wine or vintage Brandy.


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