About BOE 

BOE is the Hong Kong leading British Beer and Cider importer. Traditionally BOE only deals with wholesale’s clients but BOE believes by cutting down the middleman. BOE can bring you high quality British Beer and Cider directly to your doorstep at price that is affordable by anyone.

BOE was formed in summer of 2015, the owner had felt that lack of choices with over inflated price of British Beer and Cider had given the Hong Kong’s local and expat little choices with their drinks. And over the years BOE had developed into one of the biggest beer and cider importer for Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China.

With over 40 loyal staff working across Hong Kong and all around China. BOE are flying back and forward bringing you the best deal available from traditional English Ale to latest craft beer in the market. In additional BOE has exclusive contract with many brands like Marston, Brothers, Badger, Timothy Taylor, Alska, Wells & Youngs and many mores. With over 100 different SKUs to choose from. We are bringing best of British beer and cider to your home away from home.

Apart from beer and cider, BOE also import wine, Ready To Drink cocktail, spirit, tonic mixer and many different type of beverage product around to world to your door step. Talk to us today.