New normal : How we shop

In today’s blog, we take you to how global drinks industry like beer, wine and spirits “ stay afloat ”

The Covid19 crisis has destroy the on-premise around the world, with lockdown leading to zero sales and leaving no choice but to grant their staff a leave of absent schedule.

Some Pubs and Bars, continue to be operating around as lockdown eases. However, could see customer’s stronger relationship with spirits provide a healthier and sustainable future.

Wine businesses and smaller restaurants are getting creative to stay afloat, according to a master sommelier — but even as alcohol purchases boom the industry needs our support

There is an interesting story about recent sales trends of beer, wine & spirits. 

With a substantial amount of lockdown time under our belts, people around the world have found creative ways to remain social, active, and entertained. Virtual cocktail hours and dinner parties, live educational tastings, and all-around beverage discourse are filling social media airwaves. 

Of course, people will continue to drink.  All of us in the beverage alcohol industry should be thinking about how we will adapt to the new normal ways consumers will shop, purchase and consume beverage alcohol on the other side. Amid the current struggles we are all experiencing, it can be comforting and inspiring to think about the tremendous potential and opportunities that lies ahead.

But virtual content alone can't sustain the industry

Though it may be too soon to tell what combination of virtual content will allow some to surge forward, what is clear is the need to help preserve the restaurant world.  Only 20% of those closed restaurants believe they'll be able to afford to come back once the new normal sets in.

Large, online-only retailers have seen the largest spike in their revenue during the covid19 era, jumping three-figure percentage points in just days. They represent big discounts on large-production wines and a low-risk comfort zone — purchasing that arrives at your door with zero human interaction. It's these inherent pillars that big businesses are built on, and it's working.  

If you're at home, shop online

What we are all experiencing now can be viewed as a giant reset button.

Once we successfully get through this pandemic, things will be different. Almost everything will be different. How we work, how we socialize, how we communicate, and how we shop.

If there was ever a moment to support small business, now is the time. Support drinks distributors and wine sellers now by sharing their pages to your circle of friends.

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