Marie Brizard Cherry Brandy 700ml
Marie Brizard Cherry Brandy 700ml

Type: Liqueur


This liqueur basis is an infusion of cherries to which are added infusions of other red fruit, picked in burgundy. The result is this cherry liqueur with its unique taste. It is a specific recipe with the marie brizard's finishing touch: the addition of spices.With over 250 years of expertise in spirits, Marie Brizard's range of aromatised spirits and infusions are created with and for bartenders. Each liqueur adds complexity and aromatic richness to any cocktail. All made with premium ingredients, selected from among the highest quality varieties.

  • Characteristic of cherries and cherry kernels
  • Clear and red appearance
  • Sweet, kernelly note characteristic of cherry flesh
  • Neat on the rocks or in cocktails
  • Shake and strain into a cocktail glass