Rumeister Cocktail Bundle
Rumeister Cocktail Bundle


Rumeister Cocktail Bundle – Our classic mixture of Jagermeister and Propeller dark rum keeps the surf up.

Right here in this bundle, we have a full-sized bottle of Jagermeister and Propeller Dark Rum to ride this wave all night long.


How to make the BOE Rumeister

  • Combine 25ml rum and 25ml Jager in a shaker and get your wrist action combining these two spirits.
  • Serve in a 50ml shot glass.
  • Garnish?  Why are you even expecting there to be a garnish?  It’s a shooter – not a salad.

Here’s the cool thing.  Just in case you actually have friends, and you need to make a lot of these – simply multiply the ingredients by the number of friends you have, and add one for yourself.  3 friends?  That means you need 3 + 1 = 4 times the ingredients.

So how much for this two bottle bundle?  $274.50 HKD  Excluding delivery fee.

Yup, we repeat.  a full-sized 700ml bottle of Jagermeister, and  Dark Rum for only $274.50 HKD.