Cocalero Clásico - South American Herbal Spirit ,700ml

Type: Liqueur
Vendor: Cocalero


Cocalero is a herbal spirit made with the South American coca leaf and 16 other botanicals including guarana, juniper and ginseng. This can be enjoyed ice-cold from the freezer, or in a variety of cocktails, for example as a replacement for rum in a Mojito.
  • THE SACRED SPIRIT OF THE ANDES: Cocalero liquer offers a distinctive flavour and green colour. It is the #1 imported liqueur in Japan with growing popularity around the world.
  • EXTRAORDINARILY CRAFTED: 17 botanicals including coca leaf, juniper, ginger, orange zest, ginseng, guarana, green tea, and lavender for fantastic personality and depth.
  • VERSATILE PARTY STARTER: The mid-strength 29% ABV beverage is remarkably versatile as a cocktail ingredient and can be used to add an exotic twist to simple mixed drinks. Ideal as a shot, a long drink, or as a mixer in creative and innovative cocktails.
  • WHAT IS IT MADE OF? Cocaleros have been carefully cultivating the basis of this Bolivian drink--the coca leaf --since ancient times. In Andean culture, they have many traditional uses. The leaves are harvested by hand, slow-dried, and distilled.
  • DISCOVER YOUR RITUAL: Serve this a variety of ways. Keep it simple with a CocaShot, a pure shot served at sub-zero. The CocaBomb can be served in a signature glass by layering Cocalero over your favourite mixer or energy drink. A Cocaspritz can be made by serving Cocalero Clásico over ice topped with prosecco and soda, garnished with citrus peel.