Bols Peppermint White Liqueur 700ml

Type: Liqueur


Bols Peppermint White is a clear peppermint liqueur, from which the flavor is extracted directly from fresh mint leaves.

Varieties of mint leaves from the US, the UK and Morocco are carefully distilled resulting in a clean, well-defined bouquet with a definite mint finish. Bols Peppermint has been long favored as a digestive liqueur. You may see Bols Peppermint written as "Crème de Menthe" (the French name) in older recipes. The difference between Bols Peppermint Green and Bols Peppermint White is color, the flavor is identical.

Bols Peppermint White was developed to be used in light coloured 1970s creamy drinks, especially those using cream, where green peppermint would not be used because of its colour.

TASTE: Refreshing mint

AROMA: Well defined bouquet with a definite mint finish

CONTENT: 700ml


COLOR: Clear