Angostura Orange Bitters 100ml
Angostura Orange Bitters 100ml

Type: Liqueur
Vendor: Angostura


As well as the wonderful fruit aroma, Angostura orange bitters also exemplify a complex and spicy bouquet. For this reason they serve perfectly as an exotic and multi-dimensional ingredient for countless drinks and food dishes (see recipes with Angostura Orange Bitters): they mix perfectly with gin, whiskey, vodka and many different rum-based cocktails.

Otherwise, Angostura's orange bitters add finesse to hearty sauces and seafood dishes, and also harmonizes perfectly with chocolate.

The aromatic oranges, whose essence is concentrated on these bitters, grow on the abundant orange plantations of Trinidad.

They taste and smell intensively and completely naturally of light orange fruit, as if the fruit had just been freshly picked. In fact, the oranges are only harvested during the rainy season during the peak of their ripeness; then they are processed with herbs and spices from the region.

The recipe does not in any way rely on the quality of Angostura's aromatic bitters; in these orange bitters, they are no ingredients used that are also used to produce Angostura's aromatic bitters. 

ABV: 28%

Size : 100ml